Visiting Australia on a Budget

Australia is one of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world. It is an island continent in itself and being an English speaking country, it is one of the most progressive countries in the world, socially, economically and developmentally. The bad rap that Australia is getting is the supposed expensive tourist costs when visiting the country. Contrary to this misconception, there are many places to visit and things to do when visiting Australia on a budget.

Coastal Walks

Walking by the coastline is a free and inexpensive way to enjoy Australia. You can walk the cost of famed Bondi beach to Tamarama where you can enjoy the sights, the people, and water of this world-renowned tourist destination. You can also take a dip in the Great Barrier Reef for a minimal charge, although if you want to go diving you should expect to budget accordingly.

Park Reserves

For a minimal fee and weather permitting, you can enjoy the many local protected parks for the flora and fauna experience that is truly Australian. One of them is the Kuringai National Park, where you can see indigenous wildlife of Australia at its scenic best. You can also go to Minyon Falls at Byron Bay. This is a rainforest area that is free of charge for hikers and picnickers.

The Sydney Area

You can take pictures and enjoy the postcard-perfect Sydney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and Sydney Harbor itself without paying a dime. You can just walk on over to the Harbor area to see these world-famous attractions that are truly Australian.

Sydney, Australia

The Aboriginal History

Enjoy an hour or so enriching your knowledge of Australian history by walking through Kincumber Mountain Reserve. Here, you can learn about carvings and axe-grinding grooves scattered all throughout the indigenous rainforests sacred to the Aboriginal people of Australia.

The Marketplaces

When in Melbourne, take a window shopping tour of the Queen Victoria Markets. Here, many local handicrafts, high-end boutiques, street, and haute couture cuisine sits side by side for tourists and locals alike. Aside from Victoria, you can also enjoy the many offerings of the shopping centers in each major city in the country.

The Free Tram

To get a full view of the city of Melbourne, do take the free city tram that circles the city. You can go down at any stop on the route to take a peek at the city. You can also take a brisk tour of the central business districts of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Here you can feel the economic and financial development and progress of Australia.

Roughing it

This is a slang term of making do where you are with what you have. You can enjoy the scenery with convenience store food and wine and parking by that perfect spot. You can also find a cheap pub or find a budget motel where you can lay your head and rest for your next stop as you explore Australia on a budget.


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