Villas and Beauty in Costa Rica

‘Costa Rica has a number of amazing and beautiful beaches and is home to many rich expats and a favourite spot for American tourists. Its lush green jungles, diversity and wide spacious beaches make it an attractive country to visit for vacation or even move to if it suits your fancy.

Fascinating Jungle Life

Its home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes, the Arenal Volcano, this area is beautiful with its hot springs and nearby town of La Fortuna. If you like jungle adventure, try doing some canopying or enjoy a white water adventure, cave exploration and much more.
Plant and reptile lovers love the experience of going to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. It’s over 11,500 hectares filled with lush jungle plants and is home to the beautiful bird the Quetzal, majestic jaguars, howling monkeys and sleepy looking sloths.
If you love jungle hiking then you won’t be disappointed and while you’re enjoying your favourite pastime you’ll be entertained by the variety of animal life and sounds that pervade the beautiful Costa Rican jungles.

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

If you more of a beach person, whether you love the surf or enjoy strolling on the sand at sunset, Costa Rica has a variety of beaches and villa rentals for you. Black sand, golden sand, pink sand, and gray sand; take your pick, Costa Rica’s shoreline has a variety of sandy beaches to choose from. Costa Rica businesses cater to tourist needs and there are many services, resorts and deals to be found in this beautiful and diverse country. You’ll find amazing luxurious villas, homes for some of the wealthiest people of the world as well as the tropical atmosphere and fun loving Rasta style youth at its beaches.

If you’re the type that likes a bit more style and class, then be informed that Costa Rica villas can suit your needs just perfectly. Playa Flamingo, Playa Conchal and Playa Grande are only a few of the most beautiful beaches in this lovely tropical haven. The condos and villas in these different spots are normally spacious with 3- 6 rooms and bathrooms and private swimming pools and gardens. You may think prices are high, ranging from $4,000-$11,000 weekly, but once leaving after a fun filled, relaxing and visually gratifying vacation, it will seem like a worthy bite out of your pocket.

Many villas are near places of convenience where you can surf, suntan, go swimming, enjoy water activities and eat deliciously prepared meals at shore side restaurants. Something else to note is that you will most likely be blessed with amazing ocean views from the villa which adds to an intoxicating and satisfying experience.

Other beaches worth visiting if you like surfing are Playa Naranjo, Witches Rock, Playa Avellana and Playa Santa Teresa, just to mention a few. In southern Costa Rica, the beaches of Playa Pavones and Puerto Viejo Talamanco are great spots for surfers who are on the lookout for awesome surf swells.’

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