Touring the Greek Islands

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As everyone knows, Greece is one of the most ancient countries on the planet. Its society in ancient times created, democracy, science, theatre, and much more. The Greek people stretch back to thousands of years with many historians believing it was one of the first civilisations, even potentially beating the Aztecs and the Chinese.

One of the greatest holidays I had as a child was hiring out a boat and traveling around the Greek islands. If you have your own yacht, however, you don’t have to bother with the hiring. The boats are relatively cheap to hire for anyone who can’t quite afford a yacht.

In this article I’m going to take you through some of the Greek islands that you should travel to on your odyssey (see what I did?). I can only do four of them as by some counts there are around 6,000 islands and I’d be here all year, so you’ll have to settle for a select few.


The largest of the Greek islands and the one that oozes the most history. Crete is also the largest island, plus has the biggest population. Crete was the seat of power for the Minoan Civilization which existed between 2700 BC and 1420 BC and is universally considered the earliest European civilisation. When traveling to Crete, make sure you see the ruins of Knossos where the ancient myth of Theseus and the Minotaur originated.

Here’s a whole list of things to do in Crete.


Cephalonia is located in Western Greece and in my opinion is one of the more geographically diverse and beautiful of the Greek islands. Some of the many wonders of the island are the poppy fields, the view from atop the mountains, Myrtos Beach, Melissani Cave, and so much more. I would recommend dropping anchor and staying at Cephalonia for a little while to see it all. It’s majestic and you can see why Greece has produced some of the world’s greatest art.


Don’t fly too close to the sun. It is said that when Icarus fell he fell near to this island and so the island was named after it. Anyone with an interest in Greek myth will have to stop off at Icaria after departing the mythological-rich Crete and explore the death place of Icarus: he who flew too close to the sun.


Tinos is an interesting island that has lot to see. It is located in the South Aegean and has a population of over 8,500 people. It’s full of odd little curiosities, like the islands 80 windmills and its 1000 artistically designed dovecotes. The islands has 50 small villages that live together peacefully with a health population of Roman Catholics and Greek Orthodox peoples. The island is famous for its artists so if you’re an art fan, Tinos is a must see.

Where to Next, Cap’n?

What’s also a great idea, instead of sailing around these main islands, find a quiet spot on one of the thousands of smaller islands and set up shop for a few blissful days. Now, like I said earlier, you can easily hire a little boat to take yourself around the islands or if you fancy the idea of having your own boat and setting sail under your own steam then check out as it has all the information a budding yachtsman could want.

Touring the Greek Islands

Touring the Greek Islands

If you have you own boat or yacht you can go anywhere you want and do anything. It doesn’t matter if you can sail as you can hire a small crew to deal with all that whilst you sit on deck and bask in the glorious Grecian heat.

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