Tips for Your First Trip Overseas

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Whether you’ve booked your flights, or you’re still considering taking your first trip overseas, if it’s your first time abroad you’re probably feeling a whole range of emotions. People will probably ask you if you’re nervous, and you may be. Those butterflies in your stomach are completely natural, and even the most seasoned travellers will usually admit to feeling a little anxious if they’re heading to a country where they know they’ll be completely out of their comfort zone.

Here are some tips for your first trip overseas:

Take Travel Insurance

No one thinks they’re going to get hurt, sick or robbed overseas, and yet bad things happen every day. We’re not saying that to scare you, but the reality is, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.
There are plenty of great insurance companies which can give you an insurance policy that fits your budget and your needs. That way you’ll have the security of knowing that if anything happens you won’t have to take a loan from your parents.


Do Your Research

We think that researching for a trip is sometimes almost as fun as the trip itself. The anticipation and excitement that comes from narrowing down your options and looking at where you could go is an experience by itself, but doing your research also means you’re less likely to get ripped off by hostels and taxi drivers, since you’ll know what things cost, and you’ll also have a backup plan if you get somewhere and decide you don’t like it.

First trip overseas

Pack Smart

Take more money than you think you might need, and half as many clothes as you think. Remember- almost anything you need can be found in almost any country, and there’s no point taking your best clothes as they’ll probably end up ruined by a dodgy washing machine or simply worn out.

When it comes to money, remember that every expensive night out before you go is a few days less of travel, or a great tour you’ll be missing out on. Work out a budget you can stick to and remember that every dollar saved is contributing towards your trip.



It may sound easier said than done, but if you spend the days, weeks, or months leading up to your first trip overseas thinking about all the things that could go wrong, you’ll be a nervous wreck before you get on the plane.  

If it helps, try imagining the worst case scenario, and say “so what?” A good example is “I might not make any friends”. So what? It’s unlikely that you won’t meet anyone who wants to be your friend, but you’re cool enough that you might not need friends.

“I could get hurt”. So what? By now you know you need travel insurance, so worst case scenario you can call your travel insurance company for help.

“I could get robbed”. So what? You’ll have backup cards and extra cash stashed and won’t have written your pin numbers down anywhere so at most you’ll lose a bit of cash or a phone.

Remember that thousands of people go traveling every day, and the vast majority of them have an excellent time and return home with amazing stories to tell, and already planning their next trip.


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