Saving Money When Visiting London

Visiting London is rarely cheap at any time of year but if you’re considering making the journey then you’re likely to get caught up in all the usual price hikes on accommodation, food, souvenirs. However there are still some things you can do to make sure you don’t spend your entire time in London worried about your budget, and saving money when visiting London is possible if you think ahead.

Book in advance when it comes to accommodation, as this means you can take advantage of early bird deals. During special events, last minute accommodation costs in London will undoubtedly shoot up to take advantage of those who need somewhere to stay but have not been organised enough to book in somewhere in advance, so avoid paying over the average for your room by booking as soon as you know you’ll be travelling.

Getting around London can be expensive, making it worth buying a travel pass. If you continuously buy single tickets on buses and tubes you could find yourself spending around £5-10 a day just getting to and from the site, let alone getting around in the evenings. A single tube fare will cost you around £4.30 and a bus fare £2.30 per trip, or you can save money and buy a seven-day travel card for £29.20 for the entire week (buses and tubes).

Visiting London

Go self-catering if you have the option, as food and drink always end up being one of the biggest costs on any trip. Avoiding eating out in the evenings and paying for breakfast coffees means you can save yourself a considerable sum and if you have a fridge and cooking utensils in your accommodation you can pack yourself a picnic too. There are lots of self-catering accommodation options in London, and AirBnB is another great option.

Take some time to think about what you really want to see in London, and the things you don’t mind missing. If you do want to save some money, explore London’s many free attractions. Museums and galleries like the National Gallery and British Museum are free to visit and there are a whole host of buildings, parks, markets and monuments, from The Houses of Parliament to Borough Market, Regents Park and Trafalgar Square, where you can soak up the local culture for very little.

Look out for deals on everything from meals out, to spa days, to sightseeing trips and tours around the city. Daily deals websites have a whole host of ideas for making sure you keep your spend in London to a minimum whilst still getting the most out of your trip to the city.

Saving money when visiting London can be easier than you think, and with a bit of forward planning and some self-restraint around the souvenir shopping you can make sure you have a trip to remember, without making a huge hole in your bank account.


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