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‘Everywhere in Barcelona you can find many cocktail bars and special mojito bars. A mojito is a drink that consists of rum (mostly this is Bacardi), lemon juice, sugar, sparkling water, mint leaves and a lot of ice. In some bars they are expensive, some are relatively cheap. The expensive ones are easier to find because most of the time they are located in very central locations. Here you will pay around €10 or maybe more. If you walk along a side street you can find the cheaper ones, these will cost around €5. When you are not familiar in Barcelona these are more difficult to find. You can find cocktails in Barcelona everywhere and in a lot of places. Therefore below you will find a few bars where you can enjoy a mojito for a good price.

The Chupito bar has a few locations in Barcelona and it is a famous bar. The most popular drink is the ´Espectaculares´ and sometimes they have special evenings when the cocktails are cheaper. If you check the site you can find these special nights. They serve over 200 shots here and the most popular shot is ´´The Monica Lewinsky´´. The nice thing here is that they put on a show when you order a shot and most people come here before they head out for a night out. The location where you can find the cocktail bar is: Carrer d´Aribau 77 and Passeig de Colom 8.

La Cazalla
This is a very small bar and if you did not know it you would walk right passed it. In the summer people stand on the street and drink their mojito, which probably makes it the only place in the Catalan Capital where you can drink on the street. Just remember that on every Sunday the bar is closed and during every other day of the week, the bar opens at 10 in the morning. The address where you can find it is: La Rambla 25.

Casa Almirall
This bar is a typical Spanish bar where you will see a lot of locals. Here you can drink Absinth, which is a drink with a high percentage of alcohol. When I say a high percentage you have to think 50% or more with the strongest one having an alcohol percentage of 80. Furthermore, you have different versions of it and for one drink of Absinth, expect to pay €4,50. I would recommend not to drink too much of these if you wish to remember the rest of the night. You can find the bar at: Calle Joaquín Costa 33.

Marmalade is a restaurant/bar and it is pretty new but is decorated with old furniture, so as to give it the look of age. You can drink cocktails here for €5, which is great for when you finish your dinner you can enjoy a nice cocktail (or more). You will find Marmalade at: Riera Alta 4-6.

This article was written by Silvie, a travel writer and blogger for, providers of Barcelona accommodation and HomeSearch Barcelona, a specialist in Barcelona property. Image by TheCulinaryGeek’

February 18, 2012


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