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Challenges of Living Abroad

December 22, 2015
Mark S

While living abroad in your twenties (or thirties, forties, fifties…really anytime),  can change your life for the better, teach you about yourself and the world, and has numerous other benefits, there are definitely some challenges as well. At Turismap we’re…

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The Best Places in The World to Be an Ex-Pat

September 12, 2015

‘The phrase ‘the grass is always greener’ seems to ring true for ex-pats more than anyone else, whether it’s economic, family or career motivated, or indeed simply a case of itchy feet, the desire of millions of people from around…

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Ideas for working abroad

August 26, 2015

Working abroad is a great way to see some new places and learn about other cultures. Besides earning enough to pay your way it can also be a really useful addition to your résumé, demonstrating as it does a willingness…

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Canada – Commerce, Countryside, Cosmopolitan, Culture

March 31, 2015

‘Canada is a country that really does have anything you may need when you travel, and this is no exaggeration. Whether you are travelling for business, to see the outdoors, or to visit world class cities, you really will find…

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