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Positano from the sea

Mesmerizing South Italy

It is well known that the south of Italy is poorer than the north, so in some areas you will encounter roads with two instead of three lanes, lower prices and more modest homes, but that doesn’t mean that it…

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The Sphinx, Luxor Las Vegas

The Real Las Vegas Tourist Experience for First-Timers

While some go to Las Vegas in search for non-stop parties and world-famous cuisine, others flock to Desert City looking for the tourist experience. If you’re a first-time visitor, a good way to start is by immersing yourself in the…

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Top 5 Croatian Islands for Unforgettable Holidays

Croatia is, without a doubt, one of the most prestigious European tourist destinations of our time, a country of exceptional natural beauties so charmingly combined with an old-fashioned Mediterranean pastiche. And places where this blend of natural and man-made, urban…

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5 Of The Best Greek Islands For Your Holiday

HALKIDIKI Halkidiki is a stunning region of Greece located in Central Macedonia and consists of Kassandra peninsula, the Sithonia peninsula and Mount Athos. It boasts of mesmerizing beaches, gracious natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. Kassandra is the most developed region…

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Shi Cha Hai

Top Travel Spots In Beijing, China

Speaking of Beijing, most of us would instantly think of the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the various temples. Yes, those attractions are great. But apart from those famous sites, I would like to introduce you something unusual popular China holidays…

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Touring the Greek Islands

Touring the Greek Islands

As everyone knows, Greece is one of the most ancient countries on the planet. Its society in ancient times created, democracy, science, theatre, and much more. The Greek people stretch back to thousands of years with many historians believing it…

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Eating Healthy on the Road Save Money and the Waistline

The Holiday Season is approaching. For most families, this means packing the family into the car and taking the long trek to spend time with friends and family. For those facing a long journey, this means that they will need…

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Tofino Chairs

The Best “Under the Radar” Hot Spots in Canada

For outsiders, when it comes to Canada, all you ever here about are the famous locales. Niagara Falls, Vancouver, Toronto, etc. etc.; you’ve heard of them, and you’ll probably end up visiting them sooner or later (particularly if you decide…

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the BEST Road Trip Route

Around USA in 90 Days: How to Plan the BEST Road Trip Route

When you think of the United States of America, what first comes to mind? Is it the size perhaps? The 50 states? The monumental buildings? Needless to say, given the fact that the USA is one of the largest countries…

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Capturing the immensity (View it in large!)

Unmissable Highlights Of France’s Beautiful Opal Coast

The South Coast of France tends to get all the attention but there is plenty to be said for the so-called Opal Coast, too, which lies on the English Channel. Many British holidaymakers drive to France, nowadays, and the area…

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