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Rhodes Greece

3 Fantastic Greek Holiday Destinations

When you are looking for a holiday destination and want something a little bit different, there are a number of Greek locations that offer an exciting place to get away. When you’re ready for an amazing experience, here are three…

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Scary Destinations to Visit This Summer

I love watching horror movies and reading scary novels. My friends used to tell me that I was a really weird person who got her kicks out of being scared. Anytime I see a horror movie trailer, you can be sure that I would be checking out when it would start

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The World’s Coldest Holiday Hotspots

With temperatures regularly dropping to below zero and a harsh, winter’s climate enveloping most of the surroundings, there are a select few places around the world that are considered something of a tourist hotspot despite their unconventional holiday climate. The…

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3 Cheap and Cheerful Holiday Destinations

Taking a holiday trip is not only relaxing; it can also provide you with a lot of fun and adventure. When you take a holiday trip, you will visit places you have never seen before and experience new activities. Taking…

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Golden Gate in San Francisco, California

5 Amazing Bed and Breakfasts in San Francisco

Visiting San Francisco is a great way to experience the west coast. It’s situated at the midpoint of the state of California, allowing you to travel down to Los Angeles or up to Washington quite easily. This means that there’s…

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BSB at twighlight

Street Food and Hawkers in Brunei

For you, are exotic culinary adventures a crucial part of any travel experience? Eating just as the locals do is one sure-fire way to immerse yourself in a new culture especially when staying in a hotel that is in Brunei….

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Free Beach Of Treachery

The Dazzling Dalaman – Tourist Guide

Dalaman is in a world of its own because of its amazing cultural and topographical diversity. The North of the district is studded with high mountain tops scattered around the great ‘Dalaman Stream’ forming breathtaking valleys. The southwest coast of…

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Spices Square – Plaza de las Especias, Marrakech, HDR

Exploring the Natural Beauty and Busy Cities of Morocco

If you really want a great vacation which will differ to any that you have been on before, and give you tons of great stories to tell your friends and family on your return then Morocco could be the perfect…

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niagara falls

Visiting the Natural Wonders of the World

Often, the highlight of any holiday or trip we take, aside from the company and relaxation is the buzz we get in viewing iconic landmarks in person. But far more enticing than any man-made structure or cultural highlight we see…

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Boat – Barca, Lanzarote HDR

Why you should Head to the Canaries

The Spanish Canary Islands, an archipelago chain in the Atlantic Ocean and approximately 150 kilometres off the African coast of Morocco, is home to some amazing beaches to head for on your sunset holidays. Thanks to its close proximity to…

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