5 Must See Destinations in Israel

Many tourists feel that Israel is not a country to include on an itinerary if you only have cheap travel insurance. Of course, it is always sensible to make sure that you have adequate cover no matter where you travel, but Israel does not present any special issues of concern.

Naturally, you will want to avoid well known trouble spots which are well-publicised in the press nearly every week. But there are many things to see in Israel which are perfectly safe to visit, and which will inspire you to explore even further in this ancient land.

The ancient city of Jerusalem is only a starting point of a journey which will lead you to discovery after discovery, and which is likely to instil in your heart a never-ending yearning to return again and again.

It is so easy to immerse yourself in recent history and become over obsessed with the problems confronting the Middle East. It is not being dismissive of the importance this brings to mind, but the rich history and architectural relics are a reminder that solutions can be found to almost any problem. This is a nation that has withstood thousands of years of conflict, and remains resolute in its testimony to the strength of the human spirit. This is the sense of wonder you will discover on a tour through this ancient region.

In Jerusalem you can wander through the Old City and be transported to a time thousands of years ago, when Abraham offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice. Or, more recently, when King David captured the city and made it his capital in 997 BC. Then, you can imagine a time even more recent when the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar exiled the Jews into the wilderness in 586 PC.

The thoughts that these simple historical facts evoke are almost too incredible to believe. But on a short wander through the streets of Jerusalem, you will be treading the same lane ways and winding streets that were travelled by those ancient historical characters.

Visit the Dome of the Rock and be immediately impressed by the Islamic influence, still living in architectural harmony with Christian and Jewish religions. The people continue to fight, but the buildings continue to coexist.

Further away from Jerusalem you can visit one of hundreds of kibbutzim, and see how modern Israel is being forged. You might even be able to spend a few nights as a guest, and maybe even work for your supper!

Visit the plain of Armageddon in central Israel and contemplate the end of the world. The Bible predicts that this is the spot where the final clash of armies will occur that will bring about the end of man’s reign on earth.

Head over to Jericho and relive the storming of the ramparts brought about as trumpets blared across the desert bringing the walls of the city down at God’s behest.

Finally, head to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, and soak up the emotion that comes with the realisation that therein lies the birthplace of the Christian saviour of the world.

Israel offers so much to the tourist looking for food for the soul as well as a feast for the eyes. You do not need to be overly concerned about your travel insurance, just make sure your policy is paid up to date and you are ready to go.

May 2, 2014


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