3 Fantastic Greek Holiday Destinations

When you are looking for a holiday destination and want something a little bit different, there are a number of Greek locations that offer an exciting place to get away. When you’re ready for an amazing experience, here are three fantastic Greek holiday destinations for you to consider.

1.) Rhodes Holidays

When you’re ready to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine, check out the island of Rhodes off the coast of Greece. This picturesque destination offers you perfect weather along with inviting sandy beaches, hillsides that portray the Mediterranean life with olive groves and quaint villages as well as intimate restaurants and cafes that serve authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

Rhodes features luxury hotels that are just minutes from some of the most historic Greek landmarks in the country. You can also enjoy the exciting nightlife on the island with discos, nightclubs and even a casino. There are also some fantastic recreational activities including golf, tennis and swimming.

Rhodes Greece

2.) Crete Holidays
As one of the most popular Greek islands, Crete is the place to get away and enjoy your Greek holiday. Crete is filled with scenic beaches around the island, as well as beautiful blue seas, hillsides filled with olive groves and plenty of activities for you to enjoy.

The island of Crete offers plenty of recreation from golf and nature trail hiking to boating, water skiing, fishing and more. There are a number of hotels that range from intimate cottages to luxury five-star resorts. You can also find many dining experiences that offer everything from Mediterranean and International to American, Indian and more. When you want an exciting Greek holiday, this is the place to be.

3.) Santorini Holidays
If you want a destination that offers you a romantic and inviting location, then check out the island of Santorini. Built from the remains of a volcano that erupted more than 3,600 years ago, Santorini is one of the most scenic areas in the world as well as its awe-inspiring sunsets.

Santorini is the perfect place for couples to get away for an intimate and enchanting experience. Many of the restaurants and hotels are designed to provide the best views of the sunsets for you to enjoy during your stay. The island features black sand beaches, dry and warm Mediterranean climates and plenty of activities to enjoy. You also have your choice of everything from Bed and Breakfasts and cottages to lush hotels and resorts.

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These are such beautiful places to visit.


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